Jeff Graham

Founder & Chief Products Officer

Jeff Graham, Founder & Chief Products Officer

As a firm believer in the body/mind connection, Jeff has played an integral role in working on, and developing, key life-enhancing products that have blessed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and helped drive sales in the billions of dollars.

Jeff and his business partners were some of the first to bring the super fruit Acai to the consumers table on a global scale. Consequently, Jeff and his partners played a small role in the preservation of the Brazilian rainforest.

Jeff has a sound understanding of business and the importance of innovation. Jeff knows that one of the key aspects of any successful business is the ability to come up with brand new ideas, to maintain fresh, original operations, products and services for their customers. Well-known and well-respected in the direct sales channel, Jeff knows that the hero in any business is always the customer.

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